About Us

Children at the farm project schoolFounded in 1998, the Sharing Foundation (TSF) serves over 1500 children a day in fifteen educational, social and medical programs. By hiring and mentoring Cambodians to manage TSF programs, we increase the number of Cambodians ready to lead their communities. In-Country Director Chan Kim Leng, known as Elephant, oversees multiple program managers and manages several programs himself. American board members travel to Cambodia four times a year to follow up on every project, and to confer with Elephant and others.

We are committed to Cambodian children growing up in their own country healthy, appropriately educated, and with honesty and integrity. While many of our initiatives have focused on Roteang village, about 30 minutes south of Phnom Penh, we also support projects in several other communities. We follow every dollar of our $300,000 yearly budget to be sure it is productively spent. Most funding comes from individual donors, with additional support from family foundations, corporations, craft sales, and small fundraising events. No board member is paid, and our offices are in board members’ homes. Our overhead has consistently been less than 10%, with 91 cents of every donated dollar going to the programs in Cambodia. We print a newsletter several times yearly and mail it to all donors, and have a mandated professional accountant scrutinize our financials yearly. An endowment fund, established ten years ago, has grown steadily to permanently assure our programs.