Aug 18, 2013

Thai internship offers new horizons for college student

Written by Pom Setha, an engineering student at Norton University in Phnom Penh
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Pom Setha, Norton University studentThe challenge of my new experience, my internship in Bangkok, Thailand, provided a great time to develop my knowledge of building construction, bridges, and roads. To begin with, I would like to express my gratitude to The Sharing Foundation which gives me the good chance to study Civil Engineering at Norton University. Being a fourth year student there, I received the short-term internship provided by the school for hard working students.

During my first travels, which took nearly a whole day by bus to Bangkok, I felt really excited about Thailand’s infrastructure. Their roads, sky ways, skyscrapers, long-span bridges, and sky trains are complicated structures in the city. In Bangkok, the traffic congestion is everywhere and people rush to work in the morning.

Interestingly, staying with Thai students in the dormitory in Rangsit University, I had good communication with them as our cultures are quite similar. However, the most difficulty there is eating spicy food, which I found very hard getting used to. In addition to this, Thai students often prefer to speak Thai to English, so I learned to speak Thai a little bit, such as "Hello (Sawa dee krap)", "Thank you (Kob khun krab)", "How are you? (Khun sabai di mai?)", and other words and phrases.

Every morning during my internship, I learned a lot of techniques about computer software, introduced and guided by the professional engineers. In the afternoon, I practiced construction technology in the worksite nearby the school, and tested the soil and concrete in the laboratory. Consequently, I have understood about how to collect data from the worksite and analyze it with computer software. The experience and knowledge I got from my internship in Bangkok will give me an advantage in applying that knowledge in using the materials and equipment which are commonly used in my country, Cambodia.

Hopefully, next time I will have another foreign internship to another country because I think that an internship is very important for me to boost up my capacity in my major. That would surely lead me to get new experiences for applying for a good job.

In my opinion, Cambodian students have enough ability as students in other countries to show the world—if they have opportunities to study. Thank you for that opportunity.


Pom Setha has been sponsored by Laura Brewer of Fort Washington, PA, so he can attend Norton University in Phnom Penh. Laura previously sponsored his tutorial classes at Jayavarman VII High School and enjoys her regular correspondence with him.