Sharing Foundation Programs

Preschool at Roteang OrphanageThe Sharing Foundation today serves over 1,500 children daily, through numerous ongoing programs. These include the Roteang Orphanage, a Montessori-based preschool, Khmer literacy and English language programs, high school and college student sponsorships, a farming cooperative, a computer school, and a sewing school.

Other initiatives include multiple clean water projects, provision of school uniforms for street children, sponsorship of handicapped children in their homes so they will not be abandoned, and large immunization outreach efforts.

While many TSF initiatives focus on Roteang Village in Kien Svey District, about 40 minutes from Phnom Penh, the Foundation also assists multiple other communities. We work hard to form productive relationships with community members, to investigate needs as they see them, and to evaluate possible programs. We follow every dollar closely to ensure it is productively spent.