College Student Sponsorships

Sponsored college girls in Phnom PenhIn 2005, TSF made it possible for the first ten of its high school graduates to go to universities in Phnom Penh, Previously sponsored for high school, these students passed the National High School graduation exam, given each August for 12th graders who wish to take it. Each of the students had also had at least 4 years of instruction in the TSF English school back in the village.

All our university students continue to take English courses while in college, as English proficiency is vital for almost any good job.

Our first eight students graduated from college in 2009, the first ever college graduates in Roteang village. We now have two "dorms" in the city, one for men, and one for women. In 2013, we proudly recognize our 5th consecutive year of TSF-sponsored college graduates. (Read more about our classes of TSF-sponsored college graduates for  2009, 2010, and 2011.)

All the college students have sponsors in the USA who contribute towards their students' education.  Actual cost of a college year averages $1600 per student, but sponsors, who have had a relationship with their students since high school, contribute $300 to $1000, according to their own budget; TSF general funds make up the rest.  Cost involves tuition, room, board, books, uniforms, internet access, a bicycle to get to class, required field trips, and a small allowance of $5-$10 a month, according to need. Sponsors are obligated to exchange letters with their students four times a year with words of encouragement and family news.

If you would like to learn more or participate in this program, please email Lee Steppacher at college[at]