Immunization Projects

Cambodian med students help TSF with immunizationAll of the children of Roteang village have been immunized, full series, organizeed by our TSF orphanage doctor. Volunteer Cambodian medical students helped administer over 7,000 individual shots, for hepatitis B and DPT (diptheria, pertussis, tetanus). College students get typhoid immunization as well.

Recently we immunized the child population of Beng Krom and the nearby village of Lvea Suor. Volunteer Cambodian medical students helped our orphanage doctor administer these shots, crossing the Mekong with us by ferry to reach these outlying villages.

Safe Water Projects

Rain water collection systemWater supplies in the Phnom Penh region are frequently contaminated by arsenic, parasites, and bacteria. To supply pure drinking water, the Foundation has donated numerous filtered rainwater collection systems in Roteang Village and at multiple schools in the area along the Mekong River.

Other Health-Related Projects

Multiple families with seriously handicapped children are supplied with rice, dried fish, oil, and soy sauce monthly at their homes, so that the mothers can stay home and care for these children, instead of considering abandonment.

In the summer of 2007, TSF enlisted local students to work with the Foundation to fill a huge stagnant water trench. Extra dirt arranged by Elephant finished the project. It turned out to be a serious summer for Dengue Fever, and this preventive action was extremely timely.

A new, ongoing dental program for fillings and preventive care was instituted for the orphanage children in 2007 by a volunteer Canadian group, who are in country regularly and able to follow-up with our children.