A History of The Sharing Foundation

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A History of the Sharing Foundation by Dr. Nancy W Hendrie

In her book Nancy shares the story of the formation and the early days of The Sharing Foundation. Illustrated with hundreds of photos taken by Nancy and many volunteers this is the wonderful, true story of how one person can instigate change to make the world a better place.

The Sharing Foundation officially began when a pediatrician and nurse practitioner from New England saw a children’s crisis in Cambodia that they could not walk away from. Nancy Hendrie and Judy Jones created the foundation on which the organization was built, formally organizing The Sharing Foundation from Maine in 1999. Many helped along the way, from places including New England, Cambodia, California, and Australia.

In this book you will find a story lived and written by Dr. Nancy Hendrie. The book is a history of The Sharing Foundation. It is also the story of how, after a lifelong career, a person can start something new and powerful; how one person can be the instigator of change to make the world a better place.

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